Business Organization

Having an attorney for your business organization is beneficial in a wide variety of ways. From entity formation and drafting business contracts to handling disputes and the sale of a business, an experienced attorney like Rachel Eidson ensures smooth sailing. When it comes to practicing business law, attorney Rachel Eidson is client focused and results oriented.

How Attorney Rachel Eidson Can Help Companies

Setting up the right business entity will meet both your personal and tax goals. Attorney Rachel Eidson carefully reviews your business operations and guides you to choosing the appropriate entity, such as corporation, LLC or partnership.

Attorney Rachel Eidson has drafted, reviewed, revised and negotiated contracts for businesses. Often, businesses need written contracts for employees, vendors and suppliers. She drafts contracts that are clearly identify each parties duties and responsibilities. This straightforward approach greatly reduces the possibility of contract disputes between parties down the road.  In those situations that contract disputes may be unavoidable, Attorney Rachel Eidson will assist in taking a practical approach for resolution.

Looking to transfer, merge, sell or modify your business structure? Attorney Rachel Eidson can help you navigate the Legal requirements of your goal and facilitate the desired changes for your business.

The Law Office of Rachel Eidson

Attorney Rachel Eidson has an in-depth knowledge of business law and years of experience helping client with business issues. Her combination of legal and business operations knowledge allows her to develop strategies that meet both her clients’ legal and financial needs. Not sure of what business entity to form? Need a business contract drafted? Have a contract dispute. Turn to attorney Rachel Eidson for your  best solution. Let her experience work for you.

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