Wills and Estates

All too often, people make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need a will. Unfortunately, your family and loved ones are the ones who bear the burden and expense of this mistake. No matter what stage of life you are in, you need a will. By preparing a will, you can not only, ensure that your property is distributed as you wish but also greatly reduce the burdens and requirements of your loved ones as they distribute your Estate.

If you have small children, your will can ensure that they are cared for the way you would want if you pass away. A will is a necessity if you have something or someone you care about that you will leave behind when you die. Attorney Rachel Edison of Rachel W. Edison, LLC, is here to help you craft a will or estate plan that will embrace your goals and ensure that your assets are properly protected.

Ensuring Your Children’s Future

For families, a will is the most important way to ensure your children are properly cared for after the death of a parent. Without a will that names a guardian, the court has the power to appoint a guardian for your children. That guardian may not be the individual you would have chosen. Even if you have a verbal agreement in place, the courts do not have to follow it without a will. Attorney Rachel Edison will help you craft a will that clearly outlines your desires, so you can be confident that your children’s needs will be met even if you are gone.

Minimize Taxes and Probate Court Costs

An estate plan is also necessary to help avoid unnecessary taxes and probate court costs after your death. Even if you do not have dependent children, your estate plan is crucial to ensure that your assets are protected. Rachel Edison will help you understand your goals and create an estate plan that is right for you. Whether you would do best with a living trust, need nothing more than a will or need to look to invest your assets before your death, you can trust that Rachel Edison will provide accurate, timely advice to help you take every measure to protect your assets.

Do you really want the Alabama courts to determine what happens to your assets when you are gone? Make your plans known with the help of Attorney Rachel Edison. Contact Rachel W. Edison, your Cullman wills and estates lawyer, today to discuss your end-of-life goals.

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